Small Business IT Applications Better Off With an MSP

2 Minutes Read

Email Hosting Services 

When choosing an email host, it’s important not just to consider which brand you’re familiar with, but also which one offers the best security and added tools. 


There are a few different email hosting types: 

Self-Hosted Email — This type of hosting is a little less common than others because it usually requires your business to have your own servers to host email, rather than just using a third-party provider like Gmail or Yahoo. This option gives more control over the service and its security, but you pay for the added costs that come with the servers and the systems admins that maintain them. This option also makes it more difficult to keep your business’s email from getting marked as spam. 

Shared Web and Email Hosting — This is when your email hosting also comes from the hosting provider of your website. Many times, email hosting is added to the web hosting service for free. 

Third-Party Email Hosting — This type of email hosting is usually paid for via subscription and comes with more features like shared contacts, calendars, messaging, and even built-in video conferencing. You get more features than you’d get with your web host provider. 


Mobile Device Management

This deals with mobile and remote networking, which allows employees to work from the convenience of home or simply out of the office (OOO). Though this type of IT service isn’t absolutely necessary, demand is growing with so many companies working remotely


Unified Communications & Voice Over IP Services

Unified communications bring together all business communications via careful planning and software solutions. So, instead of communicating from multiple platforms, you do so in one convenient space. This service can be set up on your own, but it can also be managed by a Managed Service Provider (MSP). 

Voice over IP (VoIP) replaces traditional telephone lines by allowing your business to make and receive calls over the internet. This service typically comes as a subscription and is often packaged with other services like video conferencing and messaging. 


Managed Print Services 

Managing your business’s print can be a large task and is often taken care of in-house. However, there are some instances where third parties take on high volumes of printing requests. There are some versions of this service that manage and maintain the backups of digital documentation, as well as the organization and safety of virtual files. 


Help Desk Services

Help desk services assist with the installation, set-up, and ongoing maintenance/repair of your office tech equipment, along with some appliances. 

Popular examples of companies that offer these services include Geek Squad and Support Ninja, but an MSP may also be able to help with these services. More goes into the complex world of business IT services than the common owner understands. In order to get the full capabilities and efficiency needed for your company to succeed, consider a managed service provider.