Tablets vs. Laptops: Which Device is Best for Your Business?

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What’s the Difference Between Tablets and Laptops?

The biggest difference is that tablets and laptops run on different operating systems. Other major differences include the fact that tablets are all touchscreens and lack keyboards, whereas laptops tend not to have touchscreens and always have keyboards. Most computer viruses are built for computers. 


The Pros and Cons of Laptops 


The pros include:

  • higher performance
  • greater storage capabilities
  • a physical keyboard
  • docking station capabilities
  • larger screen sizes
  • touchscreen capabilities (depending on the model)
  • broader application access


The cons include:

  • heavier weight
  • less portability
  • greater security needs


The Pros and Cons of Tablets 


The pros include:

  • tablets are less targeted by malware
  • can utilize the cloud to overcome what they lack in built-in storage capacity
  • are lighter and more portable
  • have a built-in touch screen


The Cons include:

  • they are less ergonomic
  • have fewer ports that you can use to connect to monitors and other peripherals
  • use mobile apps only
  • are generally less powerful than computers


2-in-1 Devices 


The main benefits of 2-in-1 devices include:

  • their built-in touch screen functionality and ergonomic design
  • their ability to handle more detailed business tasks
  • their ability to work as well at a workstation as on the go
  • generally lighter weight
  • their processing power


Security Considerations for Tablets 

While tablets are generally less likely to get infected by viruses, they’re still vulnerable to a slew of other cybersecurity threats. To properly mitigate these threats, it’s best to adopt a mobile device management solution and implement mobile device management programs/policies across your business. Before adopting tablets, you should also keep in mind that they tend to have less IT support available. 


Questions to Ask Before Choosing Tablets or Laptops 

To help you decide whether or not laptops or tablets are best for your business workforce, you should try to answer several questions related to how much you would use a tablet, how you might justify the cost, and other important considerations.