What is Microsoft Outlook and How do I Use it for Business?

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Microsoft Outlook is an email application that allows you to manage emails, tasks, calendars, and notes. 

You can use email applications to send and receive mail. You can also use them to host email, enabling you to use Outlook but still have a Gmail email address. The security for email applications is also stronger and comes with greater storage space, making it the preferred option for many businesses.  


List of Tips 

Enhance your business’s workflow efficiency with Outlook's features:

  • email scheduling
  • task management 
  • rules management 
  • increased size limits of attachments
  • shortcuts for functions
  • forwarding emails as attachments
  • sending emails to undisclosed-recipients


But what's the difference between an email service provider and an application?


Email Service Provider

This is what most people use when they send and receive emails with services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. The security with these is usually not the strongest, and the storage space is limited.


Email Application

Sometimes, your provider can end up being different than your application. You can use your Gmail through Microsoft Outlook, even if you don’t have an Outlook email address.

The security for email applications is typically stronger and comes with greater storage space as well. You can also use many of the features of your email application while offline, which isn’t the case for web-based email service providers.

It’s important that your business be set up with an email application that serves your needs. If you want to take full advantage of the application, you’ll need to set up Outlook which can be a hassle. We can set it up for you so that it fulfills all the needs specific to your business and even show you how to use it to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the office.